Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Now a day every one talks about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, however can we achieve this?

Because first we needs to change, improve ourselves, cultivate habits of cleanness, avoid selfishness, refrain dependence on just others, change mindsets & ask ourselves first, how do I make Swachh Bharat.

Our most of the people particularly politicians, celebrities & influential do show, publicity stunt & for media that, they comes out with brooms & crowd, thinking that they have done great job for the welfare / cleanness of the country.

Our public places / buildings, Govt. offices, bus & railway station, even airports & as well as toilets at all these places are so dirty & unhygienic that any one would like to leave the place as soon as possible or avoid going there.

I have observed while travelling in the train and bus, that except few, most people throw the waste, garbage & left over food, either where they are seating or from the windows, even people travelling in their cars and two wheeler’s are throwing all waste, cigarette butts etc. while driving.

All these waste gets scattered here & there or flew in the air & pollute environment.

Same our people, when goes to Western or Middle / Far eastern countries, they don’t dare to do such nonsense, as the law & order is such that all such acts are punishable, where as in our own country law & order are just an eyewash, where as by giving small bribe or with influence, even rapist, murderer gets release without hassle.

Law & order breaking is like, fashion here & mindsets is such that those who does these are considered bold and influential.


Author: M K Rupawala


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