Efficient Water: An overview to manage industrial water usage effectively

Water scarcity is critical issue and truly a concern factor across the industrial belt in India, and especially in areas susceptible to drought and water shortages such as Maharastra and M.P.

Continuous extraction of water has resulted in depletion of available water sources in and around the industrial areas. In addition, wastewater discharge into natural watercourses has caused surface and groundwater pollution, leaving water unsafe for potable use and impairing industrial use without major and costly treatment.

In order to mitigate potential water shortage threats and increase greater water security, industrial companies are increasingly implementing strategies that assist efficient water usage.

There are also a range of known requirements in terms of water quality for various industry end uses and requirements are specific to each industrial process and different end users will require different levels of treatment for recycled water.

One notable target area for reuse in chemical manufacturing, as well as in power plants and refining operations, includes cooling tower blow down water.

Wastewater reuse technology has been adopted in many industries in order to overcome the difficulties associated with the rapid depletion of raw water quality, governmental policies and public attitudes. For example, Pharmaceuticals Industries now have to follow Zero Discharge rules; reuse of treated ETP is big issue.

Treated effluent water now usage in various utilities of Industries. Effectively treated effluent water with water chemistry correction now being used as boiler feed water and cooling tower make up water. To balancing correct water chemistry with proper internal treatment chemicals ensures effectively reuse of water. Also modern water treatment chemicals are able to work on tighten water chemistry parameters having high tolerance level to abate scale and corrosion which allow industries run their system at high cycle concentration.

Author: Zakir Atashbajiwala

Vice President - Technical-Marketing

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