Are You an Actual Leader?

We have been led to believe, over the years, that leaders are those who stride boldly, exude power and confidence, give orders and make decisions for others to carry out. However, that’s old school. The leader of today is the one who asks questions, listens carefully, plans diligently and then builds consensus among all those necessary for achieving the goals. A leader does not try to do it by himself or herself. A leader is a person who gets things done by helping others to help themselves.

The mark of true leaders is that they lead the action.

They are willing to go first.

They set the example and act as the role model.

They do what they expect others to do.

You become a motivational leader by motivating yourself. And you motivate yourself by striving toward excellence, by committing yourself to becoming everything that you are capable of becoming. You motivate yourself by throwing your whole heart into doing your job in an excellent fashion. You motivate others by continually looking for ways to help them to improve their lives and achieve their goals. You become a motivational leader by becoming the kind of person that others want to get behind and support in every way. Your main job is to take complete control of your own personal evolution and become a leader in every area of your life.

Author: A B Lokhandwala

Chairman & Managing Director

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